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Full Wax & Detail

The full detail includes all of the services of the boat wash plus the application of a high quality wax on all fiberglass and gel coat surfaces. Polishing of metal handrails and hardware, rain-ex applied to glass and insulator wax applied to isinglass can be elected as well.

Boat Washing

Boat washing is available for one time washes or on a regular weekly or bi-weekly schedule and includes a complete wash and chamois hand dry of all exterior surfaces including vinyl, metal, non-skid, windows and isinglass. Some weekly and bi-weekly scheduled customers elect to have a portion of the boat waxed with every service instead of having the entire boat waxed every few months.

Cabin Cleaning

Cabin Cleaning includes cleaning of all interior hard surfaces including cabinets, mirrors, floors, head, shower, sink, appliances, windows, blinds and metal plus carpet vacuuming.

Wet Sand & Compound

Wet sanding and compounding with a high speed buffer is offered as an upgrade to the Full Detail. It is designed to restore the color and brilliance of the finish by removing the clouding, oxidation and minor scratches from fiberglass and gel coat surfaces. Highly neglected finishes may require wet sanding followed by several steps of compound while other boats may only need one pass with the buffer. We will assess what is needed upon inspection of the vessel.

Yacht Management

This is an excellent alternative to hiring crew. We can do weekly maintenance inspections on your vessel to ensure it is always in turn-key condition. We will check fluid levels, perform engine starts, check air condition and clean strainers. Repairs can be made as necessary. All maintenance programs are customized for your specific needs.

Ceramic Coating (Nano-Technology)

Imagine never having to wax again! Ceramic coating, also known as nano-technology, is the latest and most advanced in sealants. Ceramic coating along with proper aftercare is the only way to ensure your boat will look new for years to come. Call today to see if your boat is a good fit.

Fill out the form to inquire via email

Inquiry Form

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